Faqs Motorbike Insurance

Yes. Insurance is the best way to solve a problem regarding accidents.
Note: Generally, nobody offers full insurance.

You must pay all the damages or even more.
Note: With this insurance, you will have someone that can help you to check the real cost of the damages and you will be covered

The company covers until 100,000 THB for damages to third parties and 8,000 THB for the motorbike.
Note: The company covers until 100,000 THB for damages to third parties and 8,000 THB for the motorbike

In Thailand if you have been involved in an accident for the reasons being A )Drunk Driving B) Careless & Reckless driving , you could be put in Jail ( Temporary ) . Therefore , this bailbond coverage will bail you out of Jail.
Note: Please don't drink and drive and do drive carefully

None. This is the first of its kind in Thailand.
Note: Some people say they are selling cover for the motorbike, this might not be true as this insurance is the first of its kind.

AOR BOR 1 is included in the Personal Accident coverage, this will pay your beneficiary an amount if you are dead or became disabled due to the accident.

Yes, we wanted to offer a competitive price, 150 THB/day. We researched accidents and analyzed the cost. Most of the problems with motorbike accidents are fixed with 8,000 THB or less.
Note: It is always difficult for a foreigner to know the real price, we’ve come up with this insurance so that less foreigners get cheated.

It includes damage to property and people that are involved in the accident. If you are involved in an accident that involves people needing medical care, their hospital treatment will be covered. Other damages to property will also be taken care of.
Note: This is the biggest advantage of this insurance, if you don’t have coverage then you must pay for everything yourself.

It covers your own medical expenses.
Note: This means you must pay all damages for the motorbike and the third party accident.

No, our insurance covers your medical expenses even when you are doing different things like: Boating, Driving, Jetskiing.
Note: This is why many tourists buy this insurance for the whole holiday.

The time wasted, the money wasted, usually will increase a lot the price when you break the motorbike or do damage to it. The best way to deal with it is to buy insurance that will take care of everything.
Note: The problem is taken care of the company, you can simply enjoy your holiday.