Terms of Service   Who are we? Rental-Booking.com is a global business providing instant online  search services (including but not limited to rental motorbikes, car , and more ) and other travel related services (the “Rental-Booking.com“ Services”) to users throughout the world via our websites, apps and other platforms (the “Rental-Booking.com“ Platforms”). “Rental -Booking.com“ is not a travel agent and is not responsible for providing, or for setting or controlling the shops to, any of the travel options or products (such as motorbikes or car ) which you may search for, find on and/or book via the “Rental-Booking.com“ Services or “Rental-Booking.com“ Platforms (“Third Party Travel Products”). All such Third Party Travel Products are provided by independent travel agents, rental car shop , tour operators or other third parties and are subject to the terms and conditions . “Rental -Booking.com “  has no responsibility in any case, in case the customer decides to rent the vehicle without complying with national regulations apply in Thailand . “Rental -Booking.com “ select renters, but cannot in any way guarantee  the renters fully respects his rental promise. If the customer does not find correspondence between his online booking and what the renters wants to rent , the customer is free not accept the vehicle, without any penalty to pay to the renters. Prices charged “Rental -Booking.com  “. To facilitate all parties, customer, renters , our web platform, we decided to make clear the composition of the price paid to the  customer. Our platform works with small and medium rental companies in Thailand, to facilitate the customer we have tried to get an equal daily rental price between all renters, for similar cars / similar motorbike. IMPORTANT the images shown on the website are indicative and standard,  charterers may offer a similar vehicle but the same capacity / power , but not corresponding to the model / color selected on the website. If you have special request ,  model / version / color we ask you to expressly request it, so we will be able to respond according to your specifications . First on line payment , including electronic payment transactions( credit card / Pay pall ) , tax and our services fee  . The second payment , to the renter ,  including daily cost ,  this amount will be pay directly to the Renter shop . “Rental -Booking.com  “ is responsible for match customer and renters . If the customer after check the vehicle, consider that vehicle booked online  is not the same / similar , the customer can decide not rent  , without paying any penalty to the rental shop , in this case the customer must contact the “Rental -Booking.com  “ platform  and  “Rental-Booking.com  will propose to the customer a new rental solution under the same conditions near the location , if is possible, but e “Rental -Booking.com” cannot guaranty this extra service ,Rental -Booking.com “ cannot guaranty reimburse to the customer . Customer Suggest :
  1. Sign a rental shop agreement ,
  2. Security deposit, varies from renter to renter , which deposit will be returned at the end of the rental, if the vehicle will be in the same condition .
  3. Taking photographs on each side of the vehicle, report any anomalies on the agreement .
  4. If Rental shop accept , better live only copy of passport and not original passport .
  5. Before rent , check your valid driver's license
  6. Buy insurance any time for rental motorbike ,
    1. Don’t forget in case accident , if you don’t have insurance you need to pay :
      1. your damages
      2. rental motorbike
  • third party damaged ( car or motorbike , but also hospital for person )
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